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Posted 09 May 2012 - 04:16 AM

We made a nice video, but make sure to also read ALL the directions! This is only an overview.

(Part of the video is a bit out of date, you don't need to ask an admin to be promoted to freebuilder. To be promoted, post an introduction post first then type /register and follow the on screen instruction)
If you have any questions after reading all of this:
Make a new post in the Support forum.

Getting Started:
This section is for our newer players. Please check the below links to learn how to navigate our server a bit easier.

Please bear in mind we have a 13+ age minimum.


Once you have completed your registration in-game and on the forums you will be a Freebuilder, able to build in our freebuild worlds.


How do I become a Builder? Submissions and becoming a yellow/green mane(CMC):
You have an idea of our processes and you've been on the server a while. Maybe you've practiced building in our freebuild worlds. Now you have a few questions about how to start the Submissions test to become a Builder. The test is held to a high standard and is not recommended for those who are brand new to the server. We want to make sure you have a clear understanding of everything so It's very important that you pay close attention to, and read, all of these rules/guidelines.

  • To become a CMC (the rank assigned to players who are taking the test) simply read all the directions then ask an admin.
  • The Directions Read this thoroughly

Builder Status:
You cannot alter any blocks in the showcase worlds until you achieve Builder rank. After you are promoted, you will have access to a special forum. We have many different towns that work in many different ways. Be sure you check the rules for each town before building in them. But until you pass that test, you can only modify things in the freebuild worlds.

Bans, Suspensions and appeals:
Sometimes unfortunate things happen, and we like to give people the opportunities to explain their side in-case something was missed.

If you were suspended:

  • After reading this thread. Look for your name here and see why you were suspended.

If you were banned.

  • If you were banned and would like to appeal, please read this thread, then make your case. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Giving us money:
Interested in supporting the server? All the information you need is here: http://www.brohoof.com/give/
If you have any further questions that remain unanswered, check our FAQ or make a post here if you that still doesn't solve your issue.

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