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Equestria: Colonizations

Posted Apr 5, 2014

We are launching a new roleplay survival world called Equestria: Colonizations. Choose between one of six different races, each with 40 levels of unique skills and mine, farm, and fight to survive as one of Equestria's founding pioneers.


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Server updated to 1.7

Posted Feb 16, 2014
It is technically 1.7.2, but your 1.7.4 client will work just fine.

Discussion is here:

Brohoof doesn't need money!

Posted Jan 22, 2014
After all the donations we got after the last call for help, and changes in hosting we've done to greatly reduce costs, we can now survive for a whole year on what we have now. Thanks everyone!
Everyone that donated should have a sign in the town hall, make a post in private issues if we missed you, some of the donors didn't include their minecraft name.

I made a discussion thread here in case anyone has anything to say.