- A Minecraft server, themed after My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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Grand Galloping Gala

Posted Jul 9, 2014 cordially invites you to...


You are sitting at home relaxing when you hear a, *Knock knock* "Special delivery!" You open the door not knowing what to expect, and a smiling mail pony is there. You take the letter and slam the door in his face. You tear it open and out falls...


That's right, you're invited! Time to get your pony on and paaaaarty!

  The Gala gates will open up on:
Saturday, July 19th, 12:00PM PST - 8:00 PM GMT
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Full Events Thread Here

Mine Little Pony mod update

Posted Jun 28, 2014
The BronyModPack people put out a version that works with 1.7.2.

So one thing you could do is get VoxelModPack (which has liteloader built in), then add Mine Little Pony to it and pretty much get the same thing as the BronyModPack.
Scroll to Voxstaller, install that, then copy the mod_minelp_1.7.2.5-standalone_mc1.7.2.litemod file to .minecraft\modpacks\voxelmodpack\mods

The discussion on our own forums is here:

New leader

Posted May 9, 2014

Tsarbomb (Seabreeze) is now the main leader around here. We don't really have titles, maybe we should?
I will always be the founder, and for now I'll still be around for the admin team with supporting them on server stuff, but I'll be taking a less active role as time goes on.

I've been having a hard time getting motivated to work on the server to add new things and push forward changes. My plan all along was that if I ever get burned out, I'll just try to find a new person to hand it to, so that time has come.

I made a discussion thread in case there's anything to talk about here.