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Regarding the use of unofficial Brohoof communication channels

Posted Jan 23, 2015

A couple of events have brought to our attention that players and admins have been using alternate modes of communication to discuss server information and that has led to a few issues. We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that anything said or written on an informal channel (TeamSpeak, Skype, Steam, etc...) is unofficial and void of any authority. Only communication on official Brohoof channels (server chat, Mumble, and forums) should be considered credible. This is to prevent situations such as "admin X told me I could do Y on Skype but I have no proof of it" from happening in the future.

The Journey So Far

Posted Dec 31, 2014




Another pony-filled year has come and gone. 2014 was a big year for Brohoof, with many new changes.


We made some fantastic new worlds.

This year saw the opening of two new ranges Range8 and Range9, and a new Equestria (EQ5).

We opened a survival world for the first time called Colonizations and recently made Colonizations 2.


We built in those worlds (a lot).

This year ~150 builds were made in our canon worlds alone, from simple Ponyville cottages to massive skyscrapers and landmarks.

Countless new builds from Marcusland in Range8 to the town of Trotterdam in Col2, show off the creativity and imagination of our players.


We showed off those worlds to others.

Brohoof went to Bronycon this year and had a huge turnout. (video here)


We made some changes.

We overhauled the RP section and how it operates, based from suggestions from you guys!

Opened up mumble to freebuilders.

We made our finances public (and received some very generous donations).

We also made a new logo! (which you can see above).


We had to say good-bye.

Verdana, a server admin here on Brohoof who played a monumental role in making the server what it is today, went on to bigger things and we wished him the best.

This year, Ratty, owner of Brohoof retired from active participation (he still fixes a lot of things for us though :P).


We got to say hello.

This year we saw 27 new builders (our latest one today, avi75)

We also welcomed some new admins: Laser_Lens_4, UltimateDemon, Dash_McStarley, Mr_Butternubs, and Captain Char.

and of course, 0Tsarbomb0 became our new server leader.

We also had the privilege to work with PonyMC and for the first time create a dual server event with them for Nightmare Night.


We are now looking ahead.

Brohoof changes every year. Sometimes those changes can be bumpy, such as a reduced player count. Sometimes those changes can be exciting, such as new worlds in the works.

With either one though, we continue on. We continue to create, dicuss, roleplay, build, adventure and go a little crazy sometimes. Above it all..


We had fun and we hope you did too.

Through the thick and thin many of you have stuck around this strange, magical place called Brohoof. We can't thank you enough. Each one of you brings special something to this place.

And for those who are just joining us, welcome to Brohoof!


Here's to another year of pony-filled Minecraft madness!





:heart: Happy New Year from the Brohoof staff  :heart: 

Freebuild world changes

Posted Nov 6, 2014
Some worlds retired, one added:
Range6 - Retired, final backup saved.
Range7 - Retired, final backup saved.
Range8 - no changes
Range9 - created, using amped world type, with the seed "Marcusland".

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